La La Land.


A token autobiographical moment.

My 1978 LA Times press pass.


14 thoughts on “La La Land.

  1. That looks just like Sam. I like your natural color better!!!!

  2. I remember this fellow, well. What is that on top of your head?

  3. L, It’s true my physique was rather trim thanks to running 8-10mi a day. I might even have had negative body fat mass . . . if that’s possible.

  4. Eli, you’re killing me! Only you could look better now than you did 30 years ago! I think of Phoebe, living the L.A. life on campus right now, in Journalism school, devoting her time to stories and school, and rush ahead three decades. Scary! Seems like it really wasn’t all that long ago, too.

  5. That is awesome! The glasses are in proportion to the hair. Bet the collar on the shirt was too. Looking forward to seeing the work.

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