archive III.

This post is dedicated to my daughter Rachel who is currently studying in England this semester.


I once had the pleasure of shaking George Harrison’s hand.

In 1979, former Beatle George Harrison held a press conference in Los Angeles, promoting the recent release of his album, George Harrison.  It was a small, intimate affair with invitations extended to select members of the LA press corp.  I was sent by the LA Times to cover the event.

Towards the end of the conference several reporters baited Harrison with the taunt “do something special for the cameras.”  It seemed an inane request, but without hesitation Harrison flashed a quick grin and luckily I captured him in the act.

As Harrison prepared to leave I moved towards the exit door.  He stopped in front of me, extended his hand and said, “thanks for coming.”

The following day his photograph ran on the Times View section cover.

George Harrison. LA press conference 1979. ©Eli Reichman, 1979-2011. All Rights Reserved.

Former Beatle, George Harrison surrounded by members of the LA press corp. ©Eli Reichman, 1979-2011. All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “archive III.

  1. What a beautiful and happy expression you caught on his face! Nice chunk of history to be a part of… thanks for sharing with us Eli!

  2. Very nice, Eli. You definitely need to go visit your daughter!!

  3. Wow, too cool Eli! Love the pics you got of him as well.

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