It’s Sarah Palin Sunday. Vol. 6

Pit bulls in paradise.

You know this one . . . what’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?  Lipstick.  (Watch it HERE) This is perhaps the most cleverly written line in recent contemporary politics.  And Sarah Palin has reaped in a multi-million dollar personal windfall by repeating it over and over and over again.

It was disturbing to watch fellow Americans react gleefully to Mrs. Palin delivery of her perfectly orchestrated, tongue-in-cheek line.  Of course, the predictable onslaught of bumper stickers, t-shirts and campaign buttons celebrating Palin’s smirk battlefield cry quickly saturated the collectibles market.

A few momentos from Sarah Palin's contribution to the 2008 economic downturn.

Americans seem to have fallen in love with snappy one-liners flowing non-stop from the political campaign trail.  But the pit bull catchphrase has more dire implications for the U.S. electorate than the simple, “I can dress up, be tough and won’t back down” aggressive posture Mrs. Palin has chosen to dance with.

Throughout recent years, pit bulls have become synonymous with illegal dog fighting rings (watch Michael Vick’s story HERE) and scores of innocent children across the country continue to be maimed or killed by the breed.  When individuals collectively laugh at the notion of beautifying a warlike animal, they are condoning reckless and immoral behavior and abdicating their personal responsibility to be good citizens within their own communities, let alone the world.  One need only recall the use of the German Shepherd by Nazi stormtroopers or southern U.S. law enforcement officers unleashing German Shepherd’s against the 1960’s civil rights demonstrators to understand the potential for harm Mrs. Palin’s pit bull analogy stirs within an already troubled nation.

What the U.S. electorate needs more than ever is visionary leadership, not another hollow vessel incapable of doing nothing more than feeding into and off of our growing despair.  Sarah Palin doesn’t care enough about our country’s future to tackle difficult economic and societal issues in a thoughtful, substantive manner.  Instead she pays homage to the lowest common denominator, fear of change.  In doing so, she’s made herself into a wealthy woman, yet all the while the many who have rallied to support her continue sinking into an abandoned abyss.

Mrs. Palin is nothing more than a newly packaged Trojan horse, a demagogue sent into the political arena speaking on behalf of an undisclosed power elite.  This November 2nd, Americans should take heed, reject her fools paradises and send this charlatan and her entourage of thugs back to Wasilla.

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