It’s Sarah Palin Sunday. Vol. 5

Dear Mrs. Palin,

Ever since your log cabin fell from the sky, scores of little people from across the land have slowly emerged from mysterious hiding places clamouring to hear your seductive tale.

You’ve been seen traveling far and wide, blustering like an almighty and powerful wizard asking how that “hopey, changey thing” is working out.  Well, things are slowly looking up, ya betcha!  But, patience will be required as we dig out from underneath the weight of two wars, inequitable tax policies and a financial industry left largely unregulated, running amuck.  Such perilous times as these require authentic leadership, not your sleight of hand sorcery.

An engaged observer understands that safely concealed sits a consortium of special interest players pulling the real levers of your power. Ah, such are the joys of the grand puppeteers.  In the meantime, given your outstanding “once in a lifetime” performance, it appears the road from Wasilla to Washington has been richly paved with gold.  But, as the script ordains, we pay no attention to the producers gathered behind the curtains.

Still, a question burns for those fearing your mystical appeal, “are you a good witch . . . or a bad witch”?

Photograph ©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.




6 thoughts on “It’s Sarah Palin Sunday. Vol. 5

  1. Every time I see blogs as good as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine.Thanks

  2. No time for the Wizard to hide.
    No time to click your shoes (Palin couldn’t count if she tried)

    It’s time America to wake up and realize that we cannot blame, but move forth.

    November 2- its time to vote and remember that the REASON are world is in this state is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED …TWO WARS, A FINANCIAL SYSTEM NOT RUN BUT ALLOWED TO RUN AMUCK AND JUST LIKE THE TEXAS RANGERS….SORRY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE FROM TEXAS…THERE’S A BIG COUNTRY OUT THERE WITH MANY COLORS AND FLAVORS and its time that we shift back and allow those arrogant folks like Kenneth Star who was part of the Karl Rove and Bush Cheney experience to go to jail.

    This is unequal and as many folks who I shared time with from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Germany said…have American folks gone crazy? Do they not remember their own history. The Bush/Cheney Republican machine brought two wars to the table and unraveled governance which allowed any thought of transparency to exist. The only thing we American now how to do is to say ME FIRST and if its not my way its the highway.

    Mrs. Palin, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Bush and Mr. Rowe and other current loud mouths….watch your back door as their lots of new faces on the block.

    GET OUT AND VOTE – Make sure you understand that this us against them will not change unless we demand change and build conversations that connect to sharing and carrying and understanding that

    Government is created by the people to represent the whole of society. Build up America’s middle class will only happen when the top 2 % of our country do share their wealth (ONE TRILLION) should be for education and social services and not the war machine.

    Thank you Eli for your brilliance and its up to us artist to come together and THINK about how we can position our creative efforts to bring people to learn to communicate.

    And those who just want their way….stay away my friend..its a pretty shallow world and our life is like a blink in the eye.

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