It’s Sarah Palin Sunday. Vol. 4

The theatrical world is abuzz with word of a highly anticipated remake of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

A family favorite for generations, the new production’s plot line will be a tragic melodrama.  It follows the life of a richly adorned Snow White proselytizing crowds of overwhelmed and fearful followers who respond with treacherous, inflammatory chants of “take America back”.

The new cast features Sarah Palin as a demanding, petulant Snow White.  The Seven Dwarfs are; her husband Todd as a dutiful, but adoring Bashful, John McCain as a misguided and impetuous Dopey, Karl Rove as an enigmatic Sneezy (apparently to be renamed Sleazy), John Boehner as a “dull-witted” Doc, and bit parts going to; Michael Steele as Sleepy, Bill O’Reilly as Grumpy, and Glenn Beck as Happy.

The performers have reportedly been engaged in intense personal script revisions since early 2009, but are having difficulty determining which thespian will ultimately headline the show.  Most notably, Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Beck’s characters seem bent on continually exchanging roles in hopes of securing additional screen time.

Reliable inside sources state the production is being funded by a wide array of political think tanks, Fortune 500 company lobbyists, and FOX News.

As the dramatization’s staging remains in its infancy, no tentative release date has been set.  However, Mrs. Palin’s chief campaign nemesis, illegal-alien-employer Lou Dobbs, has said to hope for a successful launch of a completely revised show by late 2011.

A cautionary note to our valued and respected readers: the showmanship of all named characters seemingly changes hour-to-hour in accuracy and relevancy.  A potential calamitous outcome exists for all U.S. citizens pending a planned full-dress rehearsal scheduled for November 2, 2010.


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