It’s Sarah Palin Sunday. Vol. 3

Forecast for November 2, 2010.  A fifty percent chance for a radar screen filled with blips of ill-timed, cataclysmic policy reversal.

Is it a tiger about to strike . . . or just another pit bull barking? ©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Clouds of the genus cumulonimbus develop from cumulus when the air mass is highly unstable, rising to dramatic heights sometimes well above 50,000 feet or higher.

These cotton candy behemoths are formed by upwelling plumes of hot air, which produce visible turbulence on their upper surfaces, making them look as though they are boiling.  The bigger they grow, the more violent the weather becomes.

This energy has been known to produce damaging winds, lightning, torrential rain, and hail often falls from these clouds.  At their worst, the cumulonimbus spawn enormous twisters capable of destroying entire municipalities.

It is believed the current pattern of noxious hot air, although alarming, is little more than a temporary upper atmosphere disturbance destined to move into distant waters where it will quickly evaporate into thin air.


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