Spanning the Divide X.

Early every morning before heading to the hospital, I ventured out into the Philippine Sea.  The stillness of the water provided me a sense of calm, a touchstone of sorts.

On the final day of the mission I noticed this gentleman, cane in hand, slowly making his way into the sea.  As I turned to leave, I heard a bubbling sound behind me and upon turning around I saw him floating on the water.  It was a beautiful scene drawing me out to him.  Lost in his own thoughts and morning routine he quietly began bathing himself.  The serenity of that moment was almost haunting.

I made this photograph, turned and left for the hospital.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

I photographed eleven-year-old Ken Piamonte on the first day of the mission during the pre-op meeting outside the O.R.  I was drawn to depth within Ken’s eyes.  Upon his discharge from the hospital I met the family at their home.  Ken and his younger brother had recently moved into this small fishing hut with their grandparents.  Prior to this the two young boys were living with their Aunt north of Bogo.  Neither were able to attend school there, instead they hauled water everyday helping to pay their Aunt’s living expenses.  Their grandmother has enrolled both boys in the Bogo school.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

I made this photograph of an attendant waiting as a collection plate is passed amongst the parishioners on my first evening in Bogo.  Beyond the primary medical mission focus of delivering health care to indigent Filipinos, an ancillary goal was to provide personal hygiene education to all patients.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

This post marks the conclusion of the series, Spanning the divide.  To view all posts on the Bogo Medical Mission, begin reading with the post, A world apart.  My heartfelt thanks to the entire medical mission team for tolerating my probing camera and endless questions.

All the best, Eli.

6 thoughts on “Spanning the Divide X.

  1. That everyone had a chance to see these things up close. Well written, and wonderful photographs.

  2. Wow, quite a life changing experience. Makes you realize how we take all of our modern conveniences for granted. And maybe even long for a time when life will be slower and simpler.

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