Spanning the Divide III.

Children fly a kite in freshly tilled fields nearby Bogo.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Upon diagnosing this infant with sepsis, Dr. Rose Jurani sought immediate treatment to save the child’s life.  The family chose to leave the hospital before the baby could be admitted.  She would die at home.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

A nurse at the hospital stands in prayer prior to beginning her morning shift.

©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Spanning the Divide III.

  1. It was 11:30Am when I escorted the young mother w/ the sick baby above accompanied by her 2 malnourished children ages 3 and 4 to the S.Verallo ER.I looked around and wondered “how this facility can save this child”.I returned to the ER at 1Pm and was told the family left w/o having the baby seen.It was not a surprise but there there was a pinch in my heart and wished I could have done more.Joining the Mission reminded me also when I was in Nursing School in Manila during affiliation to the Public Hospitals that we, Nursing students contributes to buy supply and medicine for the sick . We improvised equipments such as a Wangestein Suction Apparatus out of IV bottles,plastic tubing and tape I wish that people from this GREAT and Beloved Adoptive Country of mine will realize how Blessed and Lucky we all are.I deal more demanding/ungrateful/entitled people every workday I have and just a handful of contented,understanding and happy w/ the free services we do but w/ understanding /empathy I make through the day and feel rewarded that “somehow I helped somebody” and I thank GOD for that. I will hopefully be back in Bogo or another place for a Mission someday.
    Thanks Eli for sharing your resources/talents and your giving heart to the less fortunate people of my country and our WORLD.
    God Bless.

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