A World Apart.

Mother and child at Sunday afternoon Mass in Bogo, Philippines. Over 85% of Filipinos claim membership in the Roman Catholic church. ©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Last month I accompanied a group of Filipino American physicians and nurses to the town of Bogo, Philippines documenting their mission work.  Traveling from across the United States this diverse group of medical personnel returns every two years donating free health care to many of the area’s indigent population.  It requires a dedicated effort to coordinate and finance the healing efforts provided to these individuals, many of whom live on a subsistence level.

The basic preconception of the Philippines is an idyllic island paradise lined with white sand beaches.  And while those scenes are plentiful enough, an alarming number of Filipinos live in poverty.  I’ve described this as layers of poverty built upon more layers.  It is a staggering sight.  Once you’ve witnessed the extent of this repressive daily struggle you cannot return home unaffected.  It’s encouraging to know that scores of unseen individuals from across the globe are actively engaged in similar missions.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting photographs from the work in Bogo.  Upon completion of the group’s website redesign, I’ll add their link to my blog.  And once that site is active, I hope you’ll consider making a small donation to this worthy cause.

All the best, Eli.

A homeless man begs at the front doors of the Catholic church in Bogo while communion is served. ©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “A World Apart.

  1. hi thank you for helping my fellow countrymen. I came across with your blog in freshly pressed. It makes my heart cry everytime I see some photographs of my people suffering from poverty, famished and homeless. Please keep on helping. No matter how much they, the Filipino went through, they still have this burning hope in their heart that someday somwhow somwhere, there is a reason to go on living.

    God Bless you always!

  2. Hi Nadia! My heartfelt thanks to the entire Bogo Medical Mission team for being such gracious hosts and putting up with my unending questions and probing camera. I deeply admire the dedicated work you all are performing in Bogo. It was an honor to work side by side with all of you, Eli.

  3. Wow Eli! I love your article…well written, and the pictures are sharp and appropriate…they tell the story as eloquently as the article.

    We were lucky to have you on our mission. We enjoyed your company. Hope you got what you expected from the trip.

    Nadia Jurani

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