Going Solo.

In anticipation of the 2nd annual 617 solo ride, here are a few of the sights from last years inaugural ride. Commemorating such events as the  Watergate break in, the  OJ car chase and other eventful goings on this day in history.

The rolling hills heading west on Johnson Drive.

The temperature and humidity soared last June 17th, driving the heat index well past 100 degrees. Shawnee Mission Park lake looked really refreshing. Hoping this years weather is a bit more kind.

I first learned to drive a car at the old Johnson County airport.

Growing up I played ice hockey at Bowens pond, just down the street from the old homestead.

Kansas City. It has lots and lots of railroad tracks.

Feeling the heat.

Eastbound highway 150. A long and lonely stretch of road.

More scenery from HI 150.

Apparently I didn't use enough sunscreen. And yes, I know my legs are sexy beasts.

Here’s hoping for more hospitable weather, kind drivers and a few more pleasing sights as I pedal across the heartland this 617.

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