Twenty four hours to Cebu.

It’s a grueling haul from Kansas City to Cebu, Philippines, but everything went smooth and all the bags arrived.  I’m headed to Bogo later this morning where I’ll be documenting a medical relief mission of a group of Filipino and American doctors and nurses.  Here are a few iPhone pics of the jet travels.

All photographs ©Eli Reichman, 2010.  All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Twenty four hours to Cebu.

  1. astounding pictures!

    it’s nice to know that someone like you have participated in the aid of my countrymen.

    times may be tough all over the world but a lot of hearts remain tender and strong.

  2. Hello Eli,
    We tracked you down!.Just to thank you for the hard work and the sacrifices you did for the Bogo Medical Mission.

  3. Great. Can’t wait to those professionally taken ones. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Irma! It was an honor to accompany the group and document the mission. I’ll start posting a few images from the work you all did on the blog next week.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thank you so very much Eli for coming with us to the Bogo Medical Mission. Hope you will join us again on our next one.

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