Learning how to say goodbye.

JR at Flat Rock Ranch, ND. ©Eli Reichman, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

A child feels helpless watching as their parents journey through this phase of their passage.  There are no practical guides, no truisms making the path any easier or anymore secure.

It is unique to each of us.

All a person can do is attempt to navigate the way with a modicum of dignity and grace still intact when all is said and done.


5 thoughts on “Learning how to say goodbye.

  1. My mom died unexpectedly in 2001, and basically was in relatively good health (well, except for the heart attack that took her in her sleep.) And while it was devastating to lose her, today, seeing my dad grow old in his 87 yrs, is just as hard, yet in a different way. It is very uncomfortable to see him vs. how he was; I begin to make comparisons, which is unfair. Just think how he must feel?! I will try harder to be more accepting of what is. And loving him for who he is today.

  2. And, as time passes, it seems that there are scores of things that take us back to our parents, their final days, and ultimately, their deaths. Today, 18 months after my mother’s death, I could finally bring myself to close out her checking account. I feel as if I’ve passed another signpost on some lonely road. But I’m not sure where the road leads, beyond the obvious destination.

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