Water. It is precious. It is the new gold.


©Eli Reichman, 2009.

My good friends in Salida, Colorado have been battling Nestle over the past year, attempting to stop the expansion of their water juggernaut into the upper Arkansas Valley.

You would have thought the community leaders would staunchly oppose a corporation replete with a history of exploitation and destruction into other geographical areas with a similar pristine beauty. Unfortunately not. Recently, the county commissioners voted 3-0 to approve Nestle’s move into the valley.  You can read about it HERE.

You know, “sustainability” has become a political and economic engineered hot button.  People rush to embrace it.  But it is more than just a word.  Truly, it is the most vital issue humanity faces today.  There are many economic opportunities associated with the new “green” and dang, you just feel better knowing you’re thinking about the future.

If our political and corporate leaders don’t begin to responsibly embrace sustainability in their decisions and subsequent actions, than the fate of humanity will been sealed.  It’s time to wake-up, acknowledge the world does have finite resources and it’s high time we begin managing them wisely.

Check out the trailers for the movie, Tapped.  It is a very informative and compelling look at the complex issue of water and our future.  You can see the trailer(s) for the film HERE.

8/22/09 addendum: As John mentioned in his comment below, the film Flow is yet another important and worthy film to watch.  You can see the trailer for it HERE.  Thanks JT.


3 thoughts on “Water. It is precious. It is the new gold.

  1. Eli,
    My friend Holly fought the same battle against Nestle in Michigan and is depicted in the movie, “Flow.” It’s worth seeing.

    It’s a scam. Actually, it’s nothing more than theft of the commons. Water does not truly belong to anyone, especially corporations.


  2. I hope you post something on the Citizen. You write beautifully!

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