That was then. This is now.

I think the goal of every parent is to provide our kids with the opportunity of becoming new and improved over our own generation.  Still, some pieces of the puzzle seem to carry forward.  I don’t have a single picture from my running days (go figure), except for this silly frame of Dan, Earl and me, “back in the day,” shot by our good friend, John Trotter during a visit in Columbia, MO.  I have absolutely no idea what John said, but it obviously struck a nerve.

So.  Sam is a runner.  Imagine that.  The spring track season recently completed, summer training is now underway.  Last weekend was the annual Hospital Hill run in Kansas City.  Never having run a road race before, Sam decided to try the half marathon (13.1 miles for those unfamiliar with the race), just to see what it felt like.  Road running (speaking from experience) is much different than racing the oval.  Most notably, there are hills on them there streets.  Believe me, hills hurt!

Prior to the race, I mentioned to Sam that I’d do something fun for him if he ran well.  With a 1:22:58, Sam finished in 1st place in the 19 years + under division and 43rd place overall out of 2,392 runners… not too shabby for a 16 year old.

Here’s your fodder, Sam.  And the bandana smiled.

Dan White, Earl Richardson, Eli Reichman, Sam Reichman

Dan White, Earl Richardson, Eli Reichman and Sam Reichman.


3 thoughts on “That was then. This is now.

  1. And a total lack of respect for your friends in that photo. Glad I wasn’t in that photo. Wait, that is me.

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