Running + jumping + throwing.

I must say it’s a pretty cool ride watching your kids mature into interesting and engaged young adults.  Since beginning middle school, Sam has worked hard at his academics and last year was presented a unique high school opportunity, transferring into the Center for International Studies program where he studies Arabic two hours a day, five days a week.  He’ll continue these studies until graduating high school in 2011.  I’m intrigued to see what the future holds in store for him.


Back when my body allowed it, I was a distance runner.  It was perhaps the most important part of my day.  The act of running freed my mind from any troubles, teaching me to overcome adversity through perseverance. 


Though track and field is not a premier sport in the U.S. high school athletics, I often think it should be.  In all the “ball” sports an individual can lead their team to victory.  In track, all individual events score points for your team.  It’s very rare that one person can dominate enough events to turn the outcome – everyone is important to a team’s success.  I like this concept.


I mentioned in an earlier post that Sam also chose to pursue running as a freshman last year.  Slowly, but surely, he’s developing into a nice distance runner too.  Earlier this season, I had great fun passing down to Sam, my lone remaining remnant from the days when my feet seemed to never touch the ground.  But, the best part of this experience has been witnessing the great camaraderie his team enjoys.  Rarely have I witnessed such a large and diverse group of kids pull together, supporting one another and taking pleasure in everyone’s accomplishments.  


There are only two meets left in this year’s season.  It all goes by so quickly.  But, I know for many, the friendships made will endure for years.  Over the next few days I’ll post a few of my favorite pictures from this spring’s competition.  Here’s the first set.



090410_smstrack_processed_10090508_sms_track_1 (27)





























090424_smstrack_1 (277)


















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