We are everywhere.. all the time.

The business of staying in business has changed dramatically in the 20+ years I’ve been freelancing.  I first began using cell phones when they resembled grotesque body parts emerging from ones head.  Those early generation cell phones were huge and reception?  You were best advised not to move out of a 3 foot radius for fear of dropping a call.  I’ve grudgingly acknowledged that a cell phone is not just part of doing business, but instant and continuous access to e-mail has become a necessity as well.

Admittedly, the newest technology is rather stunning.  Though it’s transforming our lives in ways I’m not sure we can fully comprehend.  The loss of privacy and the occasional tasteless public behavior are just a couple of the obvious downsides we’ve all been subjected to.  But, again – the technology – wow!
I recently upgraded to a new phone capable of shooting some nice photographs.  Here are a few images I shot with my magic camera phone during some free time while recently working on location in San Diego.  And yes, I now have e-mail, text and a sleek phone all wrapped up in one cool little bundle… the iPhone, what else is there?

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