SOL Colorado


We left Kansas City early morning July 25th for Salida, Colorado where the Arkansas River runs directly through town and play boating is abundant. Sam, with boat on shoulder, was in the river within an hour of our arrival. I shuddered as I watched him attempting loop after loop. Touching the water as if I needed to confirm what I already knew . . . yeah, it was very cold! Salida has become a second home of sorts for us. We’re there several times each winter, hitting the slopes at Monarch. Then back each summer, me for mountain biking and for Sam to follow his super wild kayaking dream. We’re fortunate to have found this amazing town, with such good people. It is great fun.

Since our arrival coincided with the summer monsoon season we took up temporary residence with our friends, the Donavan’s. As always, the family to hang with and quite tough to leave behind. But with just three short weeks to accomplish our goal and beat it back to KC for the start of school, the clock was ticking. We left Salida after a few days, but not before hitting our annual Monarch Crest ride and Sam, under the careful tutelage of Read McCulloch, paddled his first class IV run, The Numbers. Though he did do most of rapid Number Four upside down. And he thought that was fun!


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