SOL Final leg

Homeward Bound

The Tetons were a relatively short haul south of us. The lake continued to make her presence known with the intermittent roadside view, finally giving way to a screen of pavement and trees in the rear view mirror. Our version of the Swiss Alps, is what I think every time I see the Tetons. Their jagged peaks etched into the horizon were breathtaking. The setting sun peeked in and out the clouds. It was brilliant. We stopped, shot the obligatory pictures, enjoyed a lovely dinner in Jackson Hole and proceeded across southern Wyoming. It was a welcomed relief to traverse I-80 under the cover of darkness, we arrived in Rawlins at 3am.

August 14th, we slept in. School would begin in just two days. Our amazing little adventure concluded in much the same manner it began, passing by countless fields of nondescript midwestern farmland. Crossing into Nebraska, an unwavering blast of heat and humidity greeted us. With no relief in sight, car windows were dutifully rolled up – the air conditioning doing its appointed task, drying off our sweat soaked shirts. We continued East on I-80, turning southeast at Lincoln and finally onto I-29. Having traveled this route countless times over the past twenty years, I switched the car over to auto pilot and in a few short hours we were home.

Our epic wandering complete – I nudged Sam, we trudged into the house and fell into our beds. My mind slipped off to thoughts of Idaho.


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